Eleven is a competitive strategy game for 1 to 4 players set in a world of “soccer” created by Dutch designer Thomas Jansen. Originally a free PnP, the game has found a publisher and will be available for pre-order by crowd funding through Gamefound. Your task is to manage and grow your own football club over the course of a season and outperform other teams.
To ensure the success of your club you will have various tools at your disposal. Club budget provides cash flow for the operations, Fan base drives new fans to the club. Team spirit shows if the team is willing to go the extra mile when needed, and Form represents how much of a talent and special abilities can be played during the match.
During the game, you will transfer new players to the club and hire staff members, such as Doctors, Fitness Trainers or Mental Coaches. Players contribute their Strength to the team, while the best professionals bring special abilities that can be used during the match!
Before every match you will use your tactic board to create a match formation. You will assign your players defensive or offensive tasks for the match. You will spend Form and Team Spirit resources to boost some of the players in order to have the best possible team for the match.
Improvements to your stadium will be expensive but will be crucial to the growth of the club!
As the game progresses and your team climbs up the league table, you are getting closer to the moment the board will evaluate your work. Not only your position in the league table matters, but you must also show progress in stadium renovation, good financial standings, and fulfill some secret goals your board gave you at the start of the season!
Eleven comes with an exciting, scenario-driven solo variant in which you are challenged with unique and difficult situations – having to save the club from bankruptcy, relegation, and others!
Eleven is created by the Dutch designer Thomas Jansen. It can be played by 1-4 players aged 14+ and the gameplay lasts 60-120 minutes.
Check out Eleven’s Gamefound page to pre-order.

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