Spiel des Jahres

The 2021 Spiel des Jahres award winner was announced and the winner was MicroMacro: Crime City designed by Johannes Sich and published by Edition Spielwiese and Pegasus Spiele. The other nominees were: The Adventures of Robin Hood and Zombie Teenz. (Admittedly, I had only marginally heard of the these two.)

Not so much a game as, perhaps, an activity. The game comes with 16 cases for you to solve by examining, rather closely, the 29.5″ x 43″ paper map. You’ll have to piece things together of what happened.

It is a fun “little” game with some challenging scenarios but nothing too too difficult. However, there has been some chatter that even though the art is “cartoony,” the theme may be a little too adult for some younger players. The demo case that you can play online is about figuring out who shot the victim. You’ll have to gauge for yourself about allowing younger children to play it with you.

A sample of the city map.

Once you get through all the cases, there are more online that you can play and there’s even a demo game for you to try out, if you are thinking of buying it.

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