SOS Titanic

A couple of years ago I sold my copy of SOS Titanic for a good amount of money. One of my regrets, however I knew there would be a reprint coming, eventually. That time is now.

At 23:40 on April 14, 1912 in the North Atlantic, the R.M.S. Titanic strikes an iceberg. Water immediately floods into the liner’s compartments and the ship is listing to starboard in a worrying way. There is no hope about the outcome. On board, there is widespread panic.

Alone, or with friends, you are crew members aboard the infamous unsinkable liner, and your duty is to rescue as many passengers as possible after disaster has struck. Can you remain calm, alert, and vigilant enough to alter the course of history? Time is short…

This edition of SOS Titanic introduces completely new stunning artwork and graphics, sleek, durable plastic pages for the Titanic book, and a larger presentation than previous editions.

The contents include:
60 Passenger cards
20 Action cards
10 Crew Member cards
1 Titanic book

Pre-order yours today!

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