10×10 Challenge 6 Months Later

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

So not only is this the birthday of this wondrous nation we live in…’Merica, but it’s also, more or less, half-way through the year. And with that a look at mine, and Natlaya’s, BoardGameGeek 10×10 Challenge, where we stand, and my thoughts. For those of you not in the know, the 10×10 Challenge is where we gamers on BoardGameGeek.com pick 10 games to play 10 times over the course of the year. Not as as easy as it sounds.

2014-04-05 18.35.39First, my daughter: Considering her list is pretty much made up of her favorite games that we play all the time, she is almost done already. Just a couple of stragglers. We need to play more Pick a Pig, Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small and Dweebies. No problem there. The Three Little Pigs which was her favorite right before I made her list, we lent it to a friend. The collection of games that she can play is far smaller than mine whether my own personal collection or those I play in my gaming group. So all in all she’s doing well.

2014-02-16 14.09.05Now, my list: I am not even close. And here’s why. At the time I made this list, these were all games I played all the time, or games I mistakenly thought I would play more often. In the past six months, I have acquired other games that would take many of these spots. My tastes have changed over the past 6 months. I guess that makes me a fickle gamer? I dunno. All I know is it is now July and I have yet to get Legions of Darkness (Sorry, Joel) or Space Hulk: Death Angel (Sorry, Rich) to the table even once. Plus my alternates? Sentinels and Caverna? I still do not own either of these and I do not think I ever will own Sentinels. I liked the “idea” at first but Legendary and DC DBG do it for me right now. Cuba Libre? 10 times? I would wear the game out and trade it away by then.

EH01_3Dbox-LeftIt’s interesting to track a list like this, but ultimately futile. As I said, my tastes have changed over the course of the year. Plus this seems more like an assignment then a list of what I want to play. The differences are subtle but some of these games I could care less whether I play or not. Elder Sign is still sitting on the shelf next to Eldritch Horror punched and ready to go. Ahhh, someday. Some games I no longer own. In fact, today I just traded Race for the Galaxy away for Star Wars: X Wing Miniatures in a Math Trade.

To wrap things up, I think I will still track what games my daughter plays, as well as myself, relative to the BGG 10×10 Challenge but it’s no longer a priority to play these games just to get that count to ten. I think I will still do the 10×10 Challenge in 2015, but just to see how my tastes and gaming change over time.

Viel Spaß

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Real Life

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

Real life has been getting in the way with my gaming with Natty lately including work (which has been very busy lately), school (research and papers) and other stuff. Some of that stuff was attending TotalCon this past weekend. I’m not going into detail about it here, but I won’t be returning. No, I didn’t get kicked out or banned but it didn’t live up to my expectations not like Unity Games.

Cuba LibreI’ve started teaching myself the second game in the COIN series, Cuba Libre which is a pretty heavy simulation of the Cuban Revolution from CIA Analyst Volko Ruhnke and Jeff Grossman and published by GMT Games. ….until Natty pushed a bunch of her stuff across the table and wiped out half the tokens, chits and pieces.

I have to start that one over.


Stack o' GamesCheck it out! Here’s my first order ever from Cool Stuff Inc. We have Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror and for solo play, Victory Point Games’ Ottoman Sunsetwhich is part of the States of Siege line of games. These are obviously for me. For Natty (and the family) we’ve got Gamewright’s Sleeping QueensPick-a-Pig and Dungeon Roll from Tasty Minstrel Games.

We played two games of Sleeping Queens which is a rock solid game designed by a six year old no less! We also played a game of Pick-a-Pig. This is also a great game with really great components which can be a problem. You’re saying, “What?” I’ll talk more about it in my review/game play post at a later date. Lastly, Natalya’s really anxious to play Dungeon Roll. Not sure why since she knows nothing about it. But she does think “the box is cool, the dice are super cool and it has lots of tokens” – her words, not mine.

Stay tuned. More come.

Viel Spaß!

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Our 10×10 Challenges for 2014

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

I’ve decided to participate in the 10×10 Challenge for 2014. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do and track over the course of the year. I also thought why not let Natalya have her own 10 List. A couple of games I haven’t even ordered yet, but I will be in February and a few more are already on the way. The question is will I be able to fit in all these games, plus my others, plus Natty’s games, plus my gaming nights? We shall see. I have left Pandemimc off my list for now. I know my son likes to play it but it has lost some of its appeal to me.



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