Real Life

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Real life has been getting in the way with my gaming with Natty lately including work (which has been very busy lately), school (research and papers) and other stuff. Some of that stuff was attending TotalCon this past weekend. I’m not going into detail about it here, but I won’t be returning. No, I didn’t get kicked out or banned but it didn’t live up to my expectations not like Unity Games.

Cuba LibreI’ve started teaching myself the second game in the COIN series, Cuba Libre which is a pretty heavy simulation of the Cuban Revolution from CIA Analyst Volko Ruhnke and Jeff Grossman and published by GMT Games. ….until Natty pushed a bunch of her stuff across the table and wiped out half the tokens, chits and pieces.

I have to start that one over.


Stack o' GamesCheck it out! Here’s my first order ever from Cool Stuff Inc. We have Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror and for solo play, Victory Point Games’ Ottoman Sunsetwhich is part of the States of Siege line of games. These are obviously for me. For Natty (and the family) we’ve got Gamewright’s Sleeping QueensPick-a-Pig and Dungeon Roll from Tasty Minstrel Games.

We played two games of Sleeping Queens which is a rock solid game designed by a six year old no less! We also played a game of Pick-a-Pig. This is also a great game with really great components which can be a problem. You’re saying, “What?” I’ll talk more about it in my review/game play post at a later date. Lastly, Natalya’s really anxious to play Dungeon Roll. Not sure why since she knows nothing about it. But she does think “the box is cool, the dice are super cool and it has lots of tokens” – her words, not mine.

Stay tuned. More come.

Viel Spaß!

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Our 10×10 Challenges for 2014

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

I’ve decided to participate in the 10×10 Challenge for 2014. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do and track over the course of the year. I also thought why not let Natalya have her own 10 List. A couple of games I haven’t even ordered yet, but I will be in February and a few more are already on the way. The question is will I be able to fit in all these games, plus my others, plus Natty’s games, plus my gaming nights? We shall see. I have left Pandemimc off my list for now. I know my son likes to play it but it has lost some of its appeal to me.



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14 Gaming Resolutions for 2014

14 Gaming Resolutions for 2014:

1.) Go to more gaming nights. Many times I have to bow out of going because my live in babysitter (my son) visits his Mom. The (not-so) FLGS in my town has a game night once per month but they usually play heavy Euros which I, more often than not, tend to avoid. I’d like to go to a game night where I play more than just one game, yanno?

2.) Play more games with my daughter Natalya. Duh?

3.) Try to play more games with my son Jeffrey. He’s not really into board games that much but sometimes when the mood strikes him he’ll ask if we can play one. I’m not going to force him but he really is set in his ways of how he thinks video games are better and just as social as board games. Say what?

4.) I’d really, really like to try the COIN system. I am seriously looking at Cuba Libre to start with and the Fire in the Lake looks really interesting but maybe to complicated.

5.) VPG, their games don’t look that exciting but I often hear how much solid solos they are. I want to try Legions of DarknessNemo’s War and Cruel Necessity. They are all on my wish list to buy soon.

6.) There is no #6!

7.) I have to come up with a budget for gaming as it could get out of hand if I let it and, unfortunately, this is an expensive hobby we are in. See #4, #5 and #10.

8.) Later in the year I would really like to host my own gaming night every month.

9.) Try to blog more. Another no-brainer. I remember when I use to blog everyday “back-in-the-day;” back when the interwebs was all shiny and new. Ah well, in the very least I’d like to keep the posts consistent with regard to frequency even if they are silly posts like this one.

10.) I would very much like to find a way to go to GenCon. That would be awesome! I will be going to PaxEast in April even if it is only for one day. (Tickets sold out fast!)

11.) Contribute money to some charities that I support or would like to support like the Jack Vassel Memorial Fund and Games for Troops.

12.) Participate in BGG Secret Santa 2014 more than I did this year. It was so much fun taunting my target and sending out the box of loot. I cannot wait to do it again. I also participated in PnP Secret Santa and I hope to do that again as well.

13.) I should trade out the games I no longer want. They just take up space but sometimes it’s just hard to let go. (like my sleeved LotR:LCG core set that is virtually brand new)

14.) Try to make some headway with the game designs I am currently working on. I’ve mothballed 3 designs already because they didn’t work. I would like to enter the 2014 PnP contest next year or maybe even the 54 Card Challenge. We shall see.

And that is all. Happy New Year!

Viel Spaß!

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