Our 10×10 Challenges for 2014

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

I’ve decided to participate in the 10×10 Challenge for 2014. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do and track over the course of the year. I also thought why not let Natalya have her own 10 List. A couple of games I haven’t even ordered yet, but I will be in February and a few more are already on the way. The question is will I be able to fit in all these games, plus my others, plus Natty’s games, plus my gaming nights? We shall see. I have left Pandemimc off my list for now. I know my son likes to play it but it has lost some of its appeal to me.



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This is a Meeple

This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

“This is a Meeple,” I say to my daughter as I let her hold the little wooden game bit. She calls it “a guy.” Fine, whatever works.

My daughter’s first foray into hobby board gaming was….


2013-07-28 18.49.43
She was 4 when I first taught her how to play. Granted we had a house rule. I eliminated the farmer placement, for now. As she gets a better grasp of the game, I will introduce it. Some people were impressed that a 4 year old was playing a game where the box clearly states ages 8 and up. I looked at the game from a different perspective. I see it more as a puzzle. And that’s how I explained it to my little girl. She can take the tiles and complete cities or make them bigger eventually closing them off. The bigger city, the more points. Or you can take the tile and make the road longer your thief is on. The longer the road, the more points. She loves cloisters. She goes on the hunt to find the best place where she can surround it with as many tiles as possible, and then places her Monk….I mean “guy” and, yup you guessed, get more points.

I think she is enamored with Casrcassonne in that respect. She sees that every game is different. Every map is a different shape. It snakes in one direction one night, and the next, it almost snakes right off the table.[/floatleft]

Believe it or not she has actually beaten me. Legit. No joke. Maybe I wasn’t feeling well. Maybe I was tired. Or maybe the luck of the tiles I was drawing just didn’t benefit me enough. The tiles like her. Just like dice. Dice hate me. More on that another time.

I think Casrcassonne is a wonderful game to introduce to anyone about our hobby but also kids. It’s simple and the puzzle-like, make-your-own map dynamic, I think will entice many kids to play.

Carcassonne is designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published by Z-Man Games. There is a whole plethora of expansions that can make it overwhelming and change game play dramatically. For starters, stick to just the base game which also comes with the River Expansion. Natty and I play that along with the Inns and Cathedrals expansion. This is a great place to start. If you enjoy the game, then later you can add more complexity with other expansions but keep in mind the game play does change quite a bit with subsequent expansions.

Viel Spaß!

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First Games of 2014

Hmmmm…not what I thought they’d be. But it’s all good.

1) One play of Carcassonne. She continually wins at this. I think my son coming home distracted me and allowed Natalya to score some serious points. Or I’m helping her too much. No matter. She loves it.

2) Four plays of Click Clack Lumberjack. This is my girl’s number one game right now. I will review this shortly. In fact the post is done, but it is technically supposed to be posted on another blog and once it has I will be able to post it here. It was a contest thingy. Let’s see how I do.

3) Two plays of Animal upon Animal (review coming soon) with my daughter. I won both. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t a third game.

4) Once my daughter was in bed, it was Daddy’s turn. Three plays of Race for the Galaxy against the GS robot. I won once, the robot won the other two. RftG is Daddy’s favorite game of the moment (tied with Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Game).

Overall, not bad for the start of 2014. But I am sure there will be more especially with a snow storm on its way to hit the Northeast in just a few hours. And while we’re on the subject of 2014, read my 14 Gaming Resolutions for 2014.

Viel Spaß!

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