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Where are we going?

It’s been a long time since I posted. Gaming during a pandemic is impossible at least with those outside my normal gaming circles which is my own family or as solo sessions. And lately,...


History and Games

Learning U.S. history through board games! Yes!!  Now remember, this is not just limited to the United States. There are plenty of games that focus on other events and situations across the globe. Read...


Best Two Player Games

Cosmopolitan published an article in September 2019 with their best two person board games for date night. Some of their choices were fine in my book while others were downright odd. That being said, I have some opinions about the games they chose and offer some alternatives in some cases as well as some additional games to check out for you and your partner to play on date night, or with a friend, or one of your children.

Many multi-player board and card games out there may play fantastic for three, four or more players, but when scaled down to two, they may not work very well or may even play differently with a separate case of rules to accommodate the lower player count. Therefore, I did my best to choose those that are solid two player games.


Top Designers?

Recently, there was an article posted on the Polygon about the most influential board games of the past decade. These were chosen by the top four board game designers of today: Rob Daviau, Elizabeth...


Say what Cosmo?

An interesting article from Cosmo on best two player games. There are some bad ones in here, IMHO, and I take issue with a couple. Soon, I will have to post my own top...


Game Nite Magazine

Newest solo review is online for GameNiteMagazine! It’s a big holiday issue and, as always, it’s free!



I played this solo a few times over the weekend and I really enjoyed it!   The components are top notch and the insert is one of the best I have ever seen. A...


Castles of Burgundy

Today’s Amazon Deal of the Day is Castles of Burgundy. A fantastic gateway or gateway+ game for families and gaming groups. The game is set in the Burgundy region of High Medieval France. Each...



        [ This post originally appeared as an article in Game Nite Magazine # 18 ] SuperHot is a Kickstarter funded micro-deck builder card game designed by Manuel Correia and published...