Where are we going?

It’s been a long time since I posted.

Gaming during a pandemic is impossible at least with those outside my normal gaming circles which is my own family or as solo sessions. And lately, that’s been difficult working with my working at a University in Boston. But I keep trying.

My YouTube page has taken a back set with no new content in forever. It became an enormous amount of work for very little payoff. What kind of payoff? I wasn’t making any money from it. The satisfaction I was getting from it was diminishing due to either low viewer numbers and the cost, namely my time in creating that content. Additionally, I don’t think many people really want to see a review video with a lengthy rules section, which is where all my time was getting sucked up into. I always said from the beginning that if it became too much work or it just wasn’t fun anymore, I would stop. Well, I did.

I  like writing even though I am a horrible typist — thank goodness for spell-check. I hope to publish more blog posts here on a more regular basis especially since I see the site is still getting visits, or to be more accurate, the Completely Board Facebook page is… which can lead to more traffic here.

There are so many content creators out there creating so many different types of content media whether videos, audio, or written word. I sometimes marvel at how they find the time and energy to do it. Perhaps for me writing is the way to go for a bit. Let’s see how this goes…

Stay safe everyone!!

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