Another New Year

Another New Year is upon me.

I want to cull my collection a bit and sell off or trade away games that aren’t just getting played, or I have lost interest in, or (horrors) have never made it to the table.

I have tried selling on Boardgamegeek via auctions with limited success. Usually I can off load some game there but at prices that are stela of the buyers but not so good for me. PLUS, I have yet to have any transaction where the buyer agreed with the shipping cost. I usually do USPS Flat Rate only because it’s cheaper, the boxes are free and readily available and also I can print out my own labels and them drop them at the post office — in and out.

I have also tried selling off a few (about 10) at a time in a Facebook group or two. Here, buyers want to beat me up on pricing and shipping again. It also gets confusing to manage all the PM’s coming in and keeping track of who wants and gets what. Also, managing a queue of potential buyers of a game. Too much work. This week I sold a couple of games by only offering one game per post — much easier to manage. Slower to be sure, but hopefully, slow and steady wins the race.

Anyway, I swore up and down at the end of 2018 that I would curtail my game purchases. January 2nd rolls around, and what happens?

Yeah, so I pre-ordered it. I think my daughter might like it assuming I can teach it to her. Worse case, it does have a solo option. It does look solid though and the art and production value are off the hook. On the plus side, I will get it in two weeks or so.

So, I am not off to a good start now in 2019 AND I have Kickstarter games on the way through out the Spring, Summer and even Fall. Someone make me stop!!



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  1. Chris says:

    Ahhhh! I’m in the same boat!

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