I suppose this is somewhat ineveitable to blog about this but I wanted to speak my peace. I hang out on BGG a lot. Sometimes I contribute worthwhile commentary, if I do say so myslef, and other times I throw ina a “me too” for good measure. But, I tend to stay out of the shit storms that perpetuate in many forums there. Some users there say they had to get off of Facebook gaming groups because of negativity there. On Facebook I am also an avid paticiapants in the aforementioned ways on BGG. The same negativity is there as well let me tell you.

So to say I am dropping on for the other is sort of wasting your time. Both have their values, both have worthwhile content, comments and conversations. Both are equally volatile when it comes to personalities. And there in lies the rub. People.

In most respects we need people to play games but other times you want to strangle people. Right? The negativity astounds me. I don’t understand it. There are so many different games — so many differing opinions. That is awesome. It offers a chance to get your own opinion swayed by logical, respectful debate and “changing of your mind.” It also allows for opportunities. Opportunities to learn about new games, new mechanics, new designers, et cetera.

All these forums, whenever they may be, are a necessary evil, if that’s what you want to call it, as there always going to be a rotten apple in the bunch.

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