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I’m not an expert gamer. I don’t claim to be. I know people who play 15-20+ games a week. I say to myself, they have so much knowledge of games and mechanics, what stops them from designing one of their own? Now, some people are players and not designers. And I have seen the opposite. Usually on Kickstarter. Really bad designs by people who don’t know what worker placement or card drafting or resource collection even means. Scary.

Designing a game is difficult work. I mean really hard. Many people outside the hobby would most likely have no concept, while people in the hobby are far more understanding as to what is involved and the commitment it takes.

Oracle at Delphi Prototype by Stefan Feld

That has not stopped me from having about a dozen or so designs shoved in a drawer — none completely fleshed out. Some are more of an idea and a general sense of what I want the game to do and how it should play. Others are far more detailed with prototype cards and components made. Most fall in between. A couple are geared toward kids and families as that’s what I was playing a lot of when I first got into the hobby and the ideas that got generated from those plays. Now, there’s a couple that fall more into the medium weight category.

One design in particular, I’ve decided to try to develop more. It might not appeal to some but thematically I think it’s sort of neat and I know if given the right artistic treatment would be a real hoot to look at. It’s nothing innovative. It’s a general resource collection and exchange those resources for “contracts” to gain victory points. Yeah, I know, pretty vanilla. But as I said, I’ve seen worse out there.

But the more I work it, the more holes I find in it. The more fiddly it becomes. And then I get creatively stuck. Then, I shove it back in the drawer to look at it months down the road. Ack!!

Finding the time to develop the game is difficult as I already have a lot of plates spinning. Hopefully, one day, it will see the light of day with a real prototype and some blind play testing. Maybe 2018 will be the year!

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