Why don’t I listen to as much podcasts any more? I hear this being asked a lot in our gaming community. Although everyone has different reasons, I can certainly relay my reasons why my attitudes towards podcasts have changed.

I feel I should preface this with the statement that at one time I thought about doing podcasts either in lieu or in addition to YouTube videos. The more I think about it now, I’m more inclined to make them in addition to — much like Joel Eddy’s Drive Thru Review FM (which is a great name by the way).

Shooting video and editing can be real time consuming. The quality of what I’ve seen in the board gaming community has skyrocketed. Some of it might be directly related to Patreon or Indegogo backing cash, but overall as folks get more into it, they make investments in lighting and maybe new cameras. I know myself, I still shoot on the same camera I used at the beginning and don’t use any auxiliary lighting even though I know I should. Hence, my desire to produce some content for YouTube that is more audio┬ábased with the occasional pics.

Back in the beginning when I first got into the hobby I was ravenous when it came to podcasts. I have a one hour commute each way to work every morning on the train. I was listening to so many different podcasts usually starting with the most recent and when time allowed I worked my way backwards. Over time, my excitement for listening to podcasts has waned. Here’s why, in no particular order:

1.) Much of the content, at the time, was the same. Everyone was covering the new hotness of games. A lot of the same content, but different takes on the game and different feelings on what the gamers thought. All of that became just a lot to skip over.

2.) Some of the podcast’s quality was pretty lousy. Remember, this was at the beginning and none of it showed any signs of improving. A lot of time has passed since then and now. So I am sure, as with YouTubers video quality increasing, audio has as well.

3.) Personalities. Some podcaster’s, and even some YouTuber’s, personalities bother me. I know for a fact that there are those who really dislike my style, what I have to say and what games I was reviewing. That’s OK. We agree to disagree. Anyway, some podcasts would have multiple people on it and when everyone was talking at once, sometimes it was difficult to figure out who was who. Some of those “whos” were just miserable people who didn’t like anything and didn’t have any opinion on the newest games that the podcasts were touting. One other example that comes to mind was a podcast featuring a husband and wife. More often than not, the husband would give his wife shit about a game or anything in general. This was not a sarcastic, cheeky sort of jabbing or verbal sortie that comes with a married couple. To me, at least, this sounded outright disrespectful. So much so, I could no longer listen to it. It angered me so much. I don’t think they have a podcast anymore and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t together anymore.

I’m not sure the state of podcasts anymore. I don’t think it has grown all that much, at least from what I’ve seen. Video reviews and the like have grown exponentially however. I think also, for me anyway, I have grown as a gamer and am certainly more conscious and thoughtful about the online media I consume as I try to cut through the all the static that’s out there.

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