Culling your Collection

You know that feeling? That feeling you get when you look at your shelf of games and realize you are running out of space, especially when you live in a small apartment, such as myself, and you need to get rid of some of your games?

It’s so bittersweet, isn’t it? For me, and quite possibly for you as well, it can be really, really difficult to cull your collection. Many games in my collection remain unplayed still even though I was certain I needed to have it, I had to buy it, and I must play it! Months go by and several other games have taken residence in your queue of games to be played. Then you realize that there are others you just can’t seem to get to the table. Sigh.


Often times, I have regret over buying a game. Maybe I was in a situation where I really wanted that game but had to beg, borrow and steal (No, I didn’t really rob a bank or anything) money in order to buy it. Maybe, it was a Kickstarter game that looked really good but then I watched reviews/previews after the campaign ended and people were putting the game on a pike and setting it ablaze. Or maybe it just wasn’t what I expected, or didn’t like, or my group or family didn’t care for it. Whatever the case, and there are lots of them, everyone has had a situation like this. It’s time to get rid of some games.

I know for me personally, I’ve been trying to limit my game purchases based on games I sell on a Facebook group or the GeekMarket and use those proceeds to purchase anything new, or at least new to me. This is a new “rule” I put into a affect this year as part of a New Year’s Resolution. Additionally, I could also trade a way another game or more for something else. I’ve been trying, with limited success, to honor the rule: One Game In, One Game Out. I’ve been looking over my stats that I’ve been keeping to see what games have come in and what has gone out. Overall, I’m pretty close.

Let’s take a look:


In: Caverna, Herbaceous, Far Space Foundry, Discoveries, Feast for Odin, RAF
Out: Burgle Bros., Augustus, SftGE, D-Day Dice


In: CV, Medici, Grimslingers, One Deck Dungeon, Villages of Valeria, Glen More

Out: oddball Äeronauts, My Happy Farm, Sans Alliés, Far Space Foundry, Indigo, Cargo Noir, Cruel Necessity, Exploding Kittens, Friese’s Landlord, Hostage Negotiator, Labyrinth: The War on Terror, Legendary Encounters, Niya, Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game, Tales & Games: The Three Little Pigs, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, Agents of SMERSH


In: Comanchería, The Networks, Trajan, Roll Player, Dino Dude Ranch, Colony, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Shephy, Lagoon: Land of Druids, Project Dreamscape

Out: Dragon’s Hoard


In: Sagrada, Kingdomino, Planetarium, Merchants & Marauders, Nations, VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game, Dream Home, Nations, Dungeon Petz

Out: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game, Deus, Shipwrights of the North Sea, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Potion Explosion, Draco Magi, Forbidden Island, Revolver, Roll For It!, Mint Tin Aliens, Mint Tin Pirates, Burgoo, Zigity, This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, Pictureka!, Sorry! Card Game


In: Terraforming Mars, B-17 Flying Fortress Leader, Pocket Landship, Archipelago, New Bedford, Ships, Medici: The Card Game

Out: A Feast for Odin


In: Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, Game of Trains, Gib Gas!, Via Nebula, Quadropolis, Nemo’s War (second edition), Century: Spice Road, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Shahrazad

Out: Kingdomino, Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, Epic PVP: Fantasy, Garden Dice


In: The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Scythe

Out: Arkham Horror: The Card Game

So the overall delta right now is: 5. Over. 🙁 Five more came in than went out. Not bad, I guess. It’s only July. There’s still a chance I can get that number to where it needs to be.

But like I said, it’s hard. I feel regret for not giving games enough of a chance. I mean how many times do I need to play something to realize “nope?” Sometimes that number is a dozen. Other instances it’s been just a few or maybe even once. Horrors! I think for everyone it’s different.

To minimize the anxiety I feel when I see my crowded game shelves, I’ve taken games that will most definitely be traded or sold off the kallax and they store them away in my daughter’s closet. Yet selling these games has proven difficult. I usually ask for 25% off OLGS prices. That hasn’t worked out too well. I mean no one wants to lose their shirt but I do want to get at least some of money back. Maybe it’s time for a 50% off sale!

In the end, the funny part is, once the game is gone I don’t feel so bad. I feel liberated. Isn’t that awful? Poor unloved board game. If any of you see a game you might be interested in on my shelf, let me know. It could be sitting there just waiting for a new home that will give it some love.

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