Never Enough Time

With the end of Summer and the coming of the school year, things get pretty crazy up in here.

On the home front, my son is now a junior in high school and my daughter started kindergarten.

On the work front, about 8,000 students return to the College, the Business School, the Law School and the Grad Programs at Suffolk University. So that needs a little bit of attention. 😉

Meanwhile, personally, I am taking a class this fall (was supposed to be two) and that is sucking up some of my time. Plus, I have tracks I want to lay down and record but can’t seem to find the time for that either. Then, there’s board games and my YouTube Channel.


Someone seriously needs to invent a cloning machine because I will be first in line for that! So be patient folks. Once the dust settles a bit I will be playing some catch up!

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