Roll Three Times

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At some point or another, I think most people, if not everyone, has played Yahtzee. I still play it with my daughter. Even though it’s probably her least favorite game, but she likes rolling dice. To make things easier, I built us a small dice tray that keeps the dice from being flung across the room. As much as my daughter would laugh and love to see that happen, it would get old real quick.

I think most kids like rolling dice. It’s fun. You shake them. It makes a cool sound. And every time, they’re different. Sometimes they go flying across the table = funny. It gives the child a small sense of control. They are “doing it” even if they don’t understand the concepts revolving around chance and statistics. She doesn’t quite understand the strategy in playing Yahtzee. Yes, there actually is a strategy. She needs help with doing the math. But her counting the pips is a great start on her road to arithmetic expert. Baby steps. In the end it doesn’t matter. As long as she has fun.

Yet, it’s actually a nice way to introduce her to the Yahtzee mechanic that so many games now a days have. I’m sure one day, when she can read better, King of Tokyo will be on my shelf but for now it remains on my wishlist. Or perhaps one day she will try and roll the dice to defeat Azathoth or Cthulhu himself! She was a Halloween baby, so Elder Sign might be right up her alley. There other great little dice rolling games that she might like including Roll For It! and King’s Forge. We love The Three Little Pigs and I’ve done a review for it.

So for now, we play Yahtzee every now and then. She usually doesn’t ask for it, but I will sometimes suggest it.

Viel Spaß!

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