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Animal upon Animal BoxThis post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

Natalya got Animal Upon Animal from Santa this year. He really knows his toys and games. Components are excellent as is the norm for all Haba games.

Game play is simple. The crocodile goes in the middle of the play area. In a two player game, each player takes one of each animal (7 each) to form his/her supply and returns the rest to the box as they will not be needed. Youngest player should always go first. Roll the die.

* If you get a one or two, balance that many animals of your choosing from your supply onto the crocodile.

* Roll a hand and give one of your animals to the other player for them to place.

* If you roll a “?” then the other player has to tell you what animal to place on the crocodile. If you roll a crocodile you may place one of your animals at the crocodile’s head of tail. This gives you more space to balance your animals!

If one or two animals fall while placing an animal then that player takes those two into their supply. If two or more fall, then that player takes two and places the rest back in the box out of the game. If the entire stack collapses, two animals go into the player’s supply and the rest go back to the box and you start over again.

First player to stack all their animals is the winner!

Placing a snake on top of the stack of animals

Natalya’s doing pretty well here placing her snake on the animals.

A stack of animals

After a few minor setbacks, Daddy places the penguin. Not sure if that was a good idea.

And the animals fall over

Nope, it wasn’t.

Animal Upon Animal comes with 29 wooden components. Four of each animal: snake, sheep, penguin, toucan, monkey, kangaroo (at least we think it’s a kangaroo), lion (again, we think so), plus one crocodile and a nice chunky wooden die. You also get a multilingual rule book. According to the box, the game is for ages 4-99 and is for 2-4 players.

This is a fantastic little dexterity game that plays in about 10 minutes. Great fun for the whole family. Roar!

Viel Spaß!

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