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2013-12-26 16.40.28This post originally appeared on my old blog: PinkMeeple

The other day, Natalya and I broke out Monster Chase by Antoine Bauza who has designed some other great, albeit more adult games, such as 7 WondersGhost Stories, and Tokaido. The game is marked pre-school and it’s a fun little game that anyone can play. The rules are simple and well written. The art work on the cards is well done and not “too” scary for little ones.

This is my daughter’s first cooperative game and she liked that we were working together to chase the monsters away with our toys into the closet!

2013-12-26 16.36.26-1Essentially you have a stack of cards (with a child in bed on the backs). On the face of each card is the monster that comes along side of the bed. On each face is also a picture of what the monster is afraid of: a xylophone, a teddy bear, a doll, a dump truck etc. Tiles of these toys are placed near the bed face down. If you correctly find the toy after flipping the tile, the monster goes under the “closet card” and is effectively “shoo-ed” or chased away. If you don’t, then a progression card is turned over of which there are three – red-sided and then blue-sided.

Close up of cards

[Sorry for the glare on my photos. Obviously I need some other kind of lighting in my dining room.]

When the progression cards are all the same color, another monster card is reveled and placed next to the bed. If the progression cards are all one color and the bed is surrounded by 4 monsters, the monsters win. If you can turn over the right tiles and find all the toys the monsters are afraid of and they all go to the closet, the players win.

Close up of Tiles

There are two extra blue tiles (socks and monster under the sheets) for the more advanced player who needs a slightly harder challenge. The socks tile doesn’t scare any monster instead you swap it’s position among the toy tiles with another one, making the memory mechanic a little harder. The other blue tile flips all the remaining progression tiles over and a monster appears. Stay away from that tile, kids!There are also variants for a game where the child cannot lose as well as competitive variant where you try to “win” as many monster cards as you can.

Close up of TileMy daughter really liked this game. It was her first co-op and she loved working with Daddy to beat the monsters and the game. There are a lot of tiles beside the bed, but as the players find the hidden toys and then turn them back upside down, memory prevails and finding those blocks, book or astronaut tiles becomes easier and easier. A great little filler game for you and the kids for about $10. A good deal.

Monster Chase! comes with 20 monster cards, 1 closet card, 3 progression cards, 10 toy tiles, 2 blue expert toy tiles, and a simple one page folded rule book. The game plays in about 10 minutes, for 1-5 players ages 4 and up and is published by Asmodee.

Viel Spaß!

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